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This story was originally published on January 3, The Metaphysical Book of Gems And Crystals explains that some signs have upwards of four stones that exhibit this special harmony. Ahead, we're sharing 12 astrological alternatives to personalize your jewelry collection — just in time for the New Year. We dove into the gemstone rumor mill Did Michelangelo really use lapis lazuli to craft the Sistine Chapel? Is labradorite really the reason behind the Aurora Borealis? As an added bonus: This jewelry crash course comes complete with the best rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for every stone.

Consider your next purchase written in the stars. These days, our laptops and phones rattle around in our bags like a set of loose keys. The reverence we once had for our pricey electronics seems to be. With every new season comes a new crop of eye candy to shop for.

But navigating the new arrivals section can feel daunting: With the overload of emerging. Citrine improves a Gemini's clarity and brings joy to their lives. Tiger's eye is associated with Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. This gemstone improves personal clarity and spiritual well-being. Emerald is the talismanic gemstone for Gemini. This Gemini stone has the magical power to endow eloquence in speech and intelligence, and at the same time supports emotional well-being.

Cancer people are gentle and caring. Ruled by the Moon, they are sensitive to their emotional environment and tenderly nurture the people that surround them. Cancer birthstones bring emotional serenity to and strengthen the impressionable Cancer individual's emotional nature.

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Moonstone , the stone of security, represents the opalescent glow of the Moon at night. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Moonstone stimulates clairvoyance, cures anxiety, and brings calm and serenity, all things Cancer people are inclined to cherish. Pearls are associated with friendship, loyalty, modesty, faithfulness, and purity. They strengthen relationships and marriage, as well as keep children safe, all of which are very important for Cancer. Emerald imparts emotional well-being, bestows emotional strength, and balances the sensitive Cancer nature.

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Sapphire is the talismanic gemstone of Cancer. It lends Cancer the magical powers of clairvoyance, heightened senses, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment. People born under the sign of Leo are powerful and endowed with the biggest personalities and strongest wills of the Zodiac. The astrological birthstones for Leo keep the strength of the mighty Leo under control as well as reinforcing and bolstering the Leo spirit.

Black Onyx , the stone of power, complements the Leo personality by filling in the shortcomings. It keeps Leo firmly grounded in reality and protects them from internal imbalances and outward negative feelings. It neutralizes negative emotions and internal stresses and bestows courage. It keeps Leo's larger-than-life personality under better self-control and makes them more effective in their creative pursuits.

Gemstones and Zodiac Signs

Rubies are rare, precious, tough, and vividly bright, much like the Leo personality. Rubies bolster Leo's courage and mental powers. Carnelian , the stone of passion, enhances Leo's bold, courageous, passionate, and ambitious nature and makes these virtues more consistent and reliable. Diamond is the talismanic gemstone for Leo. This Leo birthstone has the magical power to protect and to bring luck and victory in all endeavors. Virgos , ruled by Mercury, are analytical, organized, smart, and pay attention to the smallest detail. Virgo birthstones complement and balance Virgo's earthy nature with emotional and spiritual strength.

Carnelian's bold energy vibration brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers. It wards off undue pressures, brings joy and friendship, and stimulates Virgo to be a bold and eloquent speaker. Green aventurine enhances Virgo's optimism and zest for living. It brings soothing vibrations to their minds and bodies, eases their worries, and builds self-confidence in many areas of their life.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Petrified Wood

Citrine is the planetary stone of Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo. It improves clarity in the often mentally active Virgo. Zircon is the talismanic birthstone for Virgo. It bestows Virgo with peace of mind, prosperity, and self-love. Libras are intellectual and friendly. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, their mission in life is to create peace and harmony. The Libra birthstones will help these consolatory people face the challenges of life and give them a strength of purpose. Peridot brings a beam of sunshine into Libra's life.

It is powerful in for aiding manifestation, of all the good things, including the ability to manifest love.

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Lapis lazuli , the stone of purity, relieves negative thoughts and emotions including fear and jealousy. It helps to harmonize the male-female parts of the personality and creates the balance needed in a Libra's life.

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Opal , a stone of protection, is the symbol of hope and purity. It shields Libra from absorbing negative thoughts and energies from other people. Agate is the talismanic birthstone for Libra. It provides Libra with the magical power to see the truth. Scorpios are emotionally intense, psychic people who absorb the surrounding energy. These Scorpio birthstones act mainly to soak up the negative energy Scorpios draw to themselves.

They also to bring joy to their lives. Apache tears absorb negative energy, shield a Scorpio's aura, and protect them from negative psychic vibration. Aquamarine relieves anxiety, calms grief, dilutes feelings of anger, brings cheerfulness, and encourages Scorpio to be less controlling. Obsidian is a grounding stone that absorbs negative energy, unburdening the deeply emotional Scorpio. Amethyst is the talismanic stone for Scorpio. Its magical power keeps Scorpio self-aware and self-possessed. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are the wisdom seekers and teachers of the zodiac.

Ruled by Jupiter, they are joyful, highly inquisitive, and prone to excess. These birthstones give Sagittarians the courage to speak the truth and provide their curious nature more depth of thought. Blue topaz is the writers stone; it boosts spoken and written communication. It stimulates the energy of the mind and heightens a Sagittarian's self-confidence and ability to learn and think through complex concepts and ideas.

It also enhances their creativity and their ability to express themselves in meaningful ways. Turquoise has a unique energy vibration that resonates with truth and higher guidance. It stimulates confidence and composure, brings clarity of mind, and enhances spiritual discernment, all of which enhance a Sagittarian's ability to speak with truth, as well as their wisdom and forthrightness. Sodalite is a stone of intellect and insight. It deepens thoughts and spiritual awareness and boosts courage. It clears the mind, banishes negative energy, and enhances a Sagittarian's ability to set positive goals for the future.

Beryl is the talismanic stone for Sagittarius. It strengthens belief in God, brings cheerfulness, and chases away laziness. It also enhances a Sagittarian's sympathy and sincerity. Capricorns are stoic, practical achievers and hard workers ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac.