Libra horoscope october 2019 full moon

Love is the biggest threat to my ego and the greatest gift I can give myself. Winning at love means wanting more for myself than merely getting what I want. Winning at love means wanting the kind of partners that I need and being rapidly disinterested in the ones that gaslight, disrespect, or devalue me. Winning at love means wanting to grow more than wanting to be right.

Winning at love means trusting that the process of partnering with the right people will make me better for having committed to them. With this New Moon, I recommit to protecting my heart, hopes, and energy from those relationships that only seek to keep the gifts flowing one way. I am here for reciprocity. I am here for renewal through mutual respect, affection, and accountability.

I am here for good times and heavy ones if I am with those who are too. If this moment makes one thing clear, it is that no one but me can clean up the dynamics I am a part of for me. Little is as life-saving as this information. I make it a top priority in my meditations. With this New Moon, I am committed to cleaning up my act.

I prepare space for abundance to infuse my work and relationship to it, my love of what I do and why I do it, my care and consideration for the energy demanded of my mind, body, and soul in order to get it done. I reclaim my professional projects from any pits of despair they may have fallen into. I make sure to witness the effort, skill, and determination I have applied to my work life and relationships. I make sure to strike a balance here; I do not disrespect my efforts nor am I delusional about what I still need to work on. If I want my work to command the respect I think it deserves, I have to respect the time, energy, and experience it takes to get there.

With this New Moon, I make space for my muses. I know that to start from scratch is daunting, but I like the challenge. Having to be patient prolongs the pleasure. With this New Moon, I remember to romance my creative energy, projects, and fantasies. I want passion to run deep through all I make and give to the world. I want my desires to be a starting point, not a problem to shut out. I want to build the kind of containers that are strong enough to handle my energy unbridled.

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I consent to let my muses show up whenever and however they want. I promise not to complain if they catch me in the shower, mid-sentence, or in the most inconvenient situations. I am willing and wanting to be used by them and know my kinks will always be worked out by allowing myself the time and space to get to know them better.

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With this New Moon, I reclaim myself from my past. I recall my energy from every unnecessary entanglement. I reorient my energy towards getting to work on what I can. I know that to worry about what is out of my control is a waste of my time, talent, and energy. I am smarter than that. I am wiser than that. And if I fall prey to it, I snatch myself back from that. Learning how to effectively communicate through conflict is an essential element of learning how to resolve it.

Learning how to have difficult conversations is an essential skill for being a good partner. To myself. To my loves. To my entire life. Compassion for myself and others requires that I embrace the truth, not shy away from it. With this New Moon, I send the messages that I most want to hear. I tell others the honest truth about how much they mean to me. I give my daily routines a little extra time and attention, amplifying the ones that help me feel refreshed, cute, and capable. I reserve my energy for the things that will fill me up the most.

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I put a little honey on my money so more of the same sticks to it. I keep my coins in quality-controlled containers so they know I appreciate their value. I protect my assets by caring for the conditions I work within. With this New Moon, I attract the kind of work that appreciates, honors, and pays me well.

I make sure that those I trade with feel the love I have for what I do. With this New Moon, I clean out my wallets, purses, and pocketbooks. I make sure to declutter the spaces that I hope will hold a great number of good things. I remind myself that clearing pathways for fortune to find me is my part of the bargain. Being dedicated to my personal best means being dedicated to quality rest, quality care, and quality time with myself and my inner-circle sweethearts.

Being dedicated to my personal growth means being able to cut out what curbs it. Being dedicated to making this next year one to remember means being clear about what I want and learning how to express it without hesitation, guilt, or wanting it redacted. With this rebirth I am more considerate of what I say yes to, remembering that the first affirmation has to be with myself. All good things begin in the dark. Conception must be done without criticism of its process. The wrong kind of light leads to overexposure.

Bleached out beginnings lead to abrupt endings. I refuse to pressure myself. I refuse to force myself. I refuse to forsake my current momentum. As I prepare for my season, I know some stillness is needed. I know that listening requires my entire being. I know that trusting my body when it demands rest is the most intelligent response I can conjure up.

There is power in my stillness.

Horoscopes for the New Moon in Libra ~ Chani Nicholas

With this New Moon I know to honor the endings I am experiencing as gateways to new beginnings right around the corner. I know that diversity is the key to generativity. I know that finding allies takes time. I know that finding those that want to energetically, creatively, or financially support my dreams takes my ability to remain dedicated to the process no matter who approves of it. Learning how to take constructive feedback is very different than being railroaded by critique without creative solutions.

I take care of my creative projects by protecting them from such carelessness. I know that the most intelligent way to work is to count on the inherent wisdom of all involved.


With this New Moon, I commit to honoring the members of the teams I am a part of. Including myself. With this New Moon, I make my friendships a priority. Caring for my community is a blessing I cash in on.

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  7. Intimate relationships will benefit from your openness and honesty. Mutual respect and understanding can lead to very successful personal and business partnerships. New and influential friendships are possible and lucky breaks can lead to opportunities to increase your material wealth and level of happiness.

    Increased power and influence facilitate spiritual and personal growth, wealth creation and professional advancement. Subtle but powerful forces are working behind the scenes to promote you to a higher level. Success is made possible by taking full advantage of the opportunities that open up in front of you. A person of power and influence could have a profound influence on your direction in life. Although a semisextile is classed as a minor aspect, this is an important influence on full moon October because it links the two directly aspected planets.

    It is also applying getting closer to exactness on October 17 which gives it extra strength.

    Your Amazing October 12222 Monthly Horoscope Predictions For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology

    The October 13 full moon in the Sign of Aries but actually gets is astrological influence from Constellation Andromeda:. Constellation Andromeda the Chained Woman gives purity of thought, virtue, honor, and dignity, but causes battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers.

    The mansion of exalted virtue, it presides over literature, the fine arts, and scholarship, but also lies and slander. Good for digging or extensions on buildings. Children born on this day will be very accomplished and will bring honor to their parents. If you get married now, the education of your children will bring good fortune. The October 13 full moon certainly has its challenges because of Moon square Pluto but overall, this is a generous full moon.

    So while relationship and other crises are possible, there will be plenty of opportunities to make progress and resolve problems once and for all. The most long term influence is Jupiter semisextile Pluto which is also helpful. While it may be subtle, it keeps pushing you to improve things, gradually but relentlessly. Andromeda also has a positive influence, especially on strained relationships. A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. The September 28 new moon brought love, enjoyment and good fortune. So this is yet another positive influence on full moon October The October 13 full moon lasts for two weeks up to the October 27 new moon.

    Hi Jamie, your post are always food for thought! This full moon will be at 2 degrees from my MC, so I guess I should consider it like a conjunction, am I right? If the ruler of my MC is transiting Libra could this relate to a professional relationship?